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Navigate your portfolio to the sustainable future

SUMA for Funds is a Software-as-a-Service platform that helps venture capitalists understand and improve the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) credentials at company and portfolio level.

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“Emerging trend towards ‘ESG or nothing’ is gaining traction across private markets”

The importance of ESG

As many of us know, ESG is becoming an important part of
institutional investors decision making

Future-proof venture fund

  • Institutional investors are on the verge of a major transition, as ESG will become an integral part of all their investment decisions.
  • This will affect VCs worldwide, starting with Europe, since Limited Partners are basing their investments in funds on the Environmental, Social, and Governance transparency and reporting.
  • These ESG mandates set by Limited Partners will eventually determine which startups receive funding.
  • SUMA Platform's role is to assist VC funds in navigating this transition and to ensure both they and their portfolio companies are prepared for the future.

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    From carbon accounting
    to ESG compliance

    Step 1

    Invite portfolio companies

    A VC fund creates an account on the SUMA Platform and activates the 'SUMA for Funds' subscription.

    The fund then uses the platform's invite tool to invite its portfolio companies to the SUMA Platform, allowing them to calculate their carbon footprint.

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    Step 2

    Carbon accounting

    Invited portfolio companies create accounts and begin the free carbon accounting process, designed specifically for tech and web3 companies.

    The fund has monitoring tools to track the carbon accounting progress of portfolio companies and can send reminders if needed.

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    Step 3

    Decarbonisation advisory

    AI-based decarbonisation advisory services for VC funds and their portfolios, helping to analyze emissions, set carbon emission reduction targets, and achieve significant reductions with the assistance of SUMA AI.

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    Step 4

    ESG strategy and reporting

    The fund designs its ESG strategy for the portfolio, and the SUMA Platform assists companies in achieving the desired outcomes: carbon offsetting, ESG/sustainability reporting, etc.

    The SFDR (EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation) compliant report highlights each portfolio company's carbon footprint, sustainability risks, and the measures taken to mitigate these risks.

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    Why SUMA for Fund


    One solution for the entire ESG journey

    No need for multiple platforms, consultants, and databases. SUMA centralizes your ESG and sustainability data and reports all in one streamlined solution.


    Designed for software and web3 companies.

    The SUMA platform is specifically designed to assist software and web3 companies in achieving net-zero carbon neutrality. Your portfolio companies can join the platform to begin their ESG journey and establish their ESG foundation.


    Simplify regulatory reporting

    With evolving regulatory requirements, staying compliant can be a maze. SUMA not only automates the ESG process but also offers data-driven reports to streamline sustainability reporting. Say goodbye to manual data entry and regulatory uncertainties, and let SUMA guide you through compliance with confidence.


    We make you an expert

    From the very start, SUMA guides you step-by-step through the sustainability journey, effortlessly turning you into a true ESG expert.

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