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SUMA Platform is a sustainability-focused Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, designed to assist businesses and ecosystems towards net-zero emissions.

Our platform empowers tech startups, growth companies, VC funds and blockchain ecosystems in calculating their carbon footprints, decarbonizing their activities, and ensuring effortless compliance with the latest regulations. In addition, we facilitate carbon offsetting with carbon credit portfolios that remove carbon from the atmosphere. Reach net-zero with us.

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All-in-one solution

From carbon accounting to reducing your carbon footprint, built for tech and blockchain companies


Carbon Accounting & Carbon Footprint Report

Based on the market-leading GHG protocol, our tool, which is focused on tech and blockchain companies, enables accurate carbon footprint calculations using our Tech Scope Protocol.

Once the carbon accounting is complete, SUMA AI will draft a comprehensive Carbon Footprint Report that helps you to understand where your emissions come from.

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Decarbonization Plan & Carbon Offsetting

An important part of your business's net-zero journey is the decarbonization plan. Our platform creates a tailor-made action plan, outlining the "smartest way" to reduce your carbon emissions.

Compensate for your emissions using our LCO2 carbon tokens, which are backed by a portfolio of high-quality carbon credits chosen by our AI-based Impact algorithm.

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Net-zero Certification & Sustainability Reporting

Achieve and display the Proof-of-Netzero Certification, a validation of your commitment to environmental sustainability.

Over the coming years, Corporate Sustainability Reporting will become mandatory for approximately 1.6 million companies in the EU, and millions more around the world will adopt the reporting as a good corporate practice.

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More about SUMA

Who is SUMA for?

SUMA helps you to measure, manage and offset your CO2 emissions effectively. Our platform offers tailored solutions for sustainable transition, making climate commitment not only a possibility, but a competitive advantage.

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Web3 companies

Lead in sustainable blockchain with SUMA. Calculate, offset, and neutralize your carbon footprint, invite your whole ecosystem and gain advantage in the Web3 space.

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Tech companies

Act now on climate initiatives with SUMA. Determine your carbon footprint, get decarbonization advice, and spearhead sustainable tech practices.

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VC funds

Guide your portfolio towards sustainable transitions with SUMA. Comply with regulations, offset carbon emissions, and create ESG reports, making climate commitment a competitive advantage.

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